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Name: Tim Luntzel
Band Nickname: Timmy
Childhood Nickname: Sir Luntzelot, Tippy Toes Tim, Ti-Ti, The Luntzinator
Hails From: Palo Alto, CA
Top Formative Influence: I. Built. Model. Airplanes.
Indespensible Music: Miroslav Vitous, "The Magical Shepard"
Indispensible Books/Authors: "Money" (Martin Amis)
Favorite Movie: Wild at Heart
Favorite Treat: Dolly Parton Chicken. And ravioli lasagne
Favorite Game: Softball. Tennis, NBA LIVE 2002
Carnal Attractions: I have a silly and long-standing thing for waitresses/secretaries/stewardesses/bartenders/cashiers/nurses etc.
Secret Obsession: Sidewalk Diplomacy
Strange Habit: I have to walk (or pace) while I'm on the phone
Favorite Quote: "Implied, Lisa? Or Implode?"
Favorite Angst Member: Tom
Philosophy/Advice to the Masses: Everyone's either standing in the poop, just got out of the poop, or is just about to step in some poop, so... uh... be nice!