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We all could use a little gossip in our lives, right?
Well, here are some things people have ben saying about Cocktail Angst.



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Didier Becu, The Original Sin, February 2003
Can your lady do the bossa nova? Have you ever been noticed in the kitchen while dancing with a pineapple on your head? All questions I can ask to lead you to the genre these New Yorkers are making...cocktail music indeed! Oh I remember when five years ago people suddenly bought records that therefore only could be found at the fleamarket (they even released soundtracks from obscure pornomovies) and now five years later it's back to the underground and Mike Flowers Pops won't even be recognised when he would walk on street, despite having a huge number one hit! But you see, it's still made...the crazy exotic tunes from Henry Mancini and James Last are still performed.... Cocktail Angst are from origin jazzmusicians but with the arrival of the killing diva Toby Williams they play the mixture from jazz, samba, muzak, bossa nova and 60's plastic bubblegumpop. Is it good? It's irresistible in fact, but of course due to the different context of times it's more kind of funny rather than hip....the times they are a-changing sang old Bob and for once he was right.... But lovely album! -

Adam McKibbin, Suite's Choice Cuts, Feb. 2002
"The Scoop: Five jazz musicians who turn the clock backward with songs about circuses, sex and sleaze. Wanna samba? Wanna tango? Come on in. ...exceptional talents. Their live show must be a ball. Highlight Track: “Pineapples” is inescapable and irresistible. The music is of a different era. The lyrics are of a different world."

Frankie Sumatra's "Vegas Hitlist", Edinburgh, Scotland
"...Think of Peggy Lee at her most world weary and exotic, add a touch of
psychedelia, mordant wit and crank the urbane sophistication level up to the max. ...the deliciously barbed lyrics give the tunes an eerie almost
sinister spin."

Alex Teitz, Top 20 Modern Swing/Lounge Acts on Vegas Hit Parade's top 5 bands of 2001

Cocktail Angst is far from what one would expect. They are
Tom Beckham on vibraphones (sic), Boris on cocktail drum, Jon Dryden on piano, Tim Luntzel on bass, and Toby Williams on vocals. It would be easy if that were just all. Cocktail Angst is a big band: one part cabaret, one part Rat Pack, one part Dennis Leary, and many more parts to name. Their lyrics are sharp and imaginative. Their songs coax the listener in before the zinger. Notable examples include "Last Tango in Vegas", "Samba de Angst" and "Kamasutra"

Leslie Rosenberg, Atomic Magazine, Winter 2001
"The Opening track to Our Big Top Parade (Cocktail Angst Consortium), the second CD by New York band Cocktail Angst, so vividly captures the kind of creepy psychedelic lounge of the '60s that the average listener would never guess it's a new release. The remaining 12 tracks, mostly originals penned by pianist Jon Dryden and singer Toby Williams, maintain the sam authentic sound accompanied by deliciously kooky lyrics. On "Pineapples" Williams entones, When your husband does your laundry/ and your whites all come back brown/ When you want to be alone/ but your in-laws are in town/ Don't eat a pint of icecream/it will only give you guilt/ Just eat a big old pineapple/ so you can stay well-built."

"Other particularly delightful songs include "Samba de Angst," "Mindless," "Last Tango in Vegas," and "Bates Motel." Most of the musicians probably weren't yet born when the style of music they play first came into fashion, but they capture the very essence of lounge as if they were posessed by Mancini. Even if you have no taste for musical innovation and can't appreciate the perky mambos, sambas and exotica on this CD, you will flip for the lyrics. If not you're too humorless to be reading ATOMIC."


Timothy Friend, Cool And Strange Music! Magazine, March 2001
"True to their name, Cocktail Angst delivers songs teeming with emotional anguish, unpleasant societal changes and plain old lust served up cocktail lounge style. For example, "Last Tango In Vegas" has the group lamenting the cleaning up of Sin City, while "Ecstasy" has a convict (or mental patient) seducing her guard to possibly fatal results."

"Some of the songs offered here would be downright disturbing if not for the band's light touch and singer Toby Williams' soft, ethereal voice. Her delivery of the line "I'll take your gun and kill you in a fit of ecstasy," doesn't sound nearly as unpleasant as it should."
"Not every track on the CD revolves around such dark subject matter, but those are the songs you'll remember after the music stops. Therefore it is ultimately one's tase for the unusual that will decide if this is a CD for you. I think it's safe to say since you're reading a magazine called Cool And Strange Music! you've probably already added this CD to your must-purchase list."


Jack Fetterman, In Hi-Fi
"I saw Cocktail Angst perform at the Fez....musicianship was top notch. The chanteuse stage presence was sultry. Their style was the closest to true exotica I've experienced in NYC. I enthusiastically recommend checking them out."

Steve Huey, All-Music Guide
"Capitalizing on the ironic detachment that makes it possible for many '90's hipsters to enjoy lounge and exotica, New York's Cocktail Angst offers a humorous, wide-ranging hybrid of swing, jazz, Latin, and pseudo-worldbeat styles on their self-titled debut. Highlights tend to be the tracks led by the group's female vocalist, Toby Williams."


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Exotica Cabaret done right!, January 28, 1999 Reviewer: A music fan from New York City "What a cool band! First rate musicians with extremely witty lyrics and a great performance style. It's so nice to hear a 'retro' flavored band with chops who are playing exciting music without playing all swing. I have this CD in my permanent rotation at home and especially like 'Muy Loco Psycho Mambo', 'Red Wagon' and the devilishly demented 'Ecstatically Mine.' Get it! It will make you happy.
-5 stars

Dynamic and exciting, thrilling and inviting, February 4, 1999 Reviewer: A music fan from San Francisco "I recently saw these guys at Windows on the World in NYC, and I've gotta tell anyone reading this message, they simply brought down the house. The CD is impressive as well. It's unlike anything you've ever heard before - a fun-filled blend of exotica, jazz, Latin and more. Each song on the record is quite unique, as is every member of the band. I highly recommend this one."--5 stars

High Class!, October 15, 1999 Reviewer: A music fan from Southern California "What a fantastic CD! The most unique blend of jazz, cabaret and latin that I have EVER heard. And the singer's voice is truly amazing! A must have for dinner parties! I played it at mine and people were asking right and left who the band was?!"

Off the smokey wall original uptown kinda sound, January 26, 1999 Reviewer: A music fan from eastcoast, USA. "These guys are coool. The music is uncompromising and the style is original, dark, and amusing. This band is a cool cabaret, nightclub act with sleek jazz vocals and subdued smokey style. The lyrics are off the wall. These guys are all veterans of the contemporary New York City Jazz scene and this is a great venue for great talent have a great time."--4stars